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Application of carbon monoxide catalytic adsorbent in mine rescue cabin

In the confined space of the mine rescue cabin (or refuge chamber), the presence and accumulation of carbon monoxide (CO) may occur. The main reasons for this include:


1. Combustion products: In situations such as mine explosions or fires, combustion will produce carbon monoxide gas, which may cause the CO concentration in the confined space to increase.


2. Mine working environment: Inside the mine, carbon monoxide may also exist as part of the mine working environment, especially in underground mines. Due to the chemical characteristics of underground coal seams, the generation and release of carbon monoxide may occur.


Faced with this situation, MINSTRONG carbon monoxide catalyst can provide an effective solution. These catalysts offer the following advantages:


1. Efficient catalytic decomposition: MINSTRONG carbon monoxide catalyst uses advanced catalytic technology to efficiently decompose carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, thereby reducing the concentration of CO in the air.


2. Durable performance: These catalysts have good durable performance and can maintain efficient performance in long-term operation, reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement.


3. Safe and reliable: The use of MINSTRONG carbon monoxide catalyst is safe and reliable and will not cause additional environmental pollution or health risks.


In mine rescue chambers or refuge chambers, it is usually difficult to control the humidity below 45%. Therefore, if you want to use this type of carbon monoxide catalyst, you usually need to install MINSTRONG's desiccant at the inlet end of the catalyst agent. In this way, the air with water vapor will first pass through the desiccant, where the water vapor is absorbed and filtered, and then only the dry air passes through the CO catalyst layer to ensure that carbon monoxide gas is effectively catalyzed into carbon dioxide, thereby providing a safe and life-saving environment.


The application of this technology helps ensure the air quality in mine rescue cabins, reduce the harm of carbon monoxide to human health, and improve miners' chances of survival in emergencies.



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